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Norton Security ANNUAL uninstall reinstall

Every year I buy a Norton subscription for myself, my wife, and now my family.  The price of doing it through Norton is unattractive.  I can usually buy the subscription online from Amazon, eBay, Frys, wherever.  But the nice people who make the top of the line Norton product every year just ASSUME I either install it new or renew a subscription.  What a mess.  Every year I get to go thru 1-3 hours of uninstalling Norton then reinstalling it on every PC.  I have 3 PCs, an iPad, and 2 iPhones now.  I dread what horrors Symantec will inflict on my Apple products which is why I bought the 10 license deal.

My wife went thru hell 1st But got it working on Saturday after almost 2 hours.  On Sunday, my PC failed to install so I chatted with India.  They uninstalled and reinstalled Sunday morning.  That busted my Wife's laptop so she spent another hour with them reinstalling Sunday mid-day.  Guess what it was this time?  The Family 10 licenses edition ASSUMES that there is one master Big Daddy in the house and that he logs into everyone's PC to do the install.   NOPE -- WRONG. What Symantec does is forces me to give my userID and password to my Symantec account to my wife and daughters (you know, the daughter who is away in college, with her idiot dorm friends talking to her during the install).  Once my daughter logs into Norton under my Norton ID and password she can install the new version.  BUT THIS REVEALS MY PASSWORDS VAULT TO EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY.  You call yourself a security company? Puulease... I don't want my daughters seeing my passwords to my mutual funds and company intranet!  Symantec should be ashamed. What a gaping hole.

Well, anyway, India made my wife change the Norton account to her email/password.  Thats why I couldn't install.  Then when I spoke to India and told them "this might have something to do with the family license thing"  they reinstalled everything and put it under my old UID/login anyway.  That caused my wife's Norton security on her laptop to stop working. So she spent another hour + with India chat support...   See where this goes?  Every PC is likely to be a roundabout with the India chat room.  Plus ALL MY PASSWORDS ARE REVEALED TO MY KIDS!  

I love Norton products, have since the 1980s.  The uninstall is now much less than excrutiating like it was 5 years ago. But the Product Managers and programmers on this product need to stop making assumptions about how people install this stuff.  Net: The install process for Norton antivirus/360/security are still convoluted and error prone. 

BTW - I have been a computer programmer and professional for 30+ years.  I am no novice.  I hack PCs, install Windows and Office often, manage my own windows Startup, installed drivers when Windows needed them, edit the registry, build my own PCs with motherboards, disks, and RAM in hand.  I do everything but write Windows.  I am far from a novice.  If I get in the poop every year with your software, there are 1000s in worse shape than me.  And it all pops out in huge costs in the Symantec call center but the hidden costs are the millions of hours customers pay that are never recorded or acknowledged.  



Re: Norton Security ANNUAL uninstall reinstall

Why do you uninstall / re-install?

I suggest you change your Norton account password, if you haven't already.

Windows 10 x64 1903

Re: Norton Security ANNUAL uninstall reinstall


I uninstall and reinstall because the new license doesn't allow anything else.  It will not install.   It wouldn't install last year and the year before.  i dont just accept the prodding from the software to renew my license at the highest possible renewal price.   It was not my choice to uninstall/reinstall:  Norton Security call center people in the support chat room fuss with the machine in real time then go into the uninstall reinstall cycle.  What am I supposed to tell tech support -- don't do that?  Of course, I have spent 10s of hours with India Customer Support in many companies and they always like to reinstall everything.  We don't debug or patch things anymore, we just reload everything.  

Suggesting I change my password is kinda lame.  My concern is exposing 50+ passwords to people in my family that have no business seeing them.  They should never have been exposed in the first place.  

And thanks to Symantec, it appears I have 2 or 3 UID/passwords.  Hope I can guess which one it is now...


Re: Norton Security ANNUAL uninstall reinstall

If you wait until one or two days before your subscriptions expires you only need click Renew on the bottom of the GUI > I have a key or code to enter, then enter your new Product Key.  However, that wouldn't of worked for you this time because you upgraded to NSwB [?] which is considered a new product and the keys aren't interchangeable.

I and others have installed NSwB straight over NIS / N360 several times without issue, so I'm not sure why you needed to uninstall.

About your password, I am sorry my suggestion didn't meet with your approval.  I will try better next time.

Windows 10 x64 1903
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Re: Norton Security ANNUAL uninstall reinstall

Maybe I am missing something here danieklg922, but you can install the new Norton Security product over the top of your previous product on your system, as Krusty13 suggested  You will use your Norton Account and password.  You can then log into your Norton Account and send a download link to an email address (your wife's or your daughters, etc) and they will be able to over the top install that over their previous product.  Now they can configure a Norton Account for each of their systems and each user would have their own Norton Account to log into their own ID Safe Vault.

The second item on this page should assist you in doing the above.

If you need more help let us know.


Re: Norton Security ANNUAL uninstall reinstall

I have been installing Norton software since Peter Norton was around and on systems up to and including Windows 8* and I have never had to uninstall the Norton security product.

If the product won't install the most common cause is the presence of another interactive A/V product that leaves each securing the system against the other. This may not be due to an action by you installing another product but remains of some trial installation of a product that came with the computer and a Restore to Factory condition will put that back in again even if you had removed it.

If you think this is a only Norton problem then check:


for a list of the special tools from each product to be used to ensure a clean uninstallation.

Earlier you said:

 But the nice people who make the top of the line Norton product every year just ASSUME I either install it new or renew a subscription.

You expect them to be mind readers?

I suggest asking/listening to help here and then maybe you won't have these problems. 


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