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Windows 10 Kompatibilität von Norton Produkten

Wenn Sie Windows 7 oder 8 nutzen, haben Sie sich möglicherweise bereits ein Upgrade reserviert auf  Windows 10 vor der Freigabe am 29. Juli. Danach zeigt Microsofts App Kompatibilitätsprüfung ggf., dass Ihr Norton-Produkt mit Windows 10 nicht kompatibel ist.

Keine Sorge: Ihr PC ist weiterhin geschützt mit dem besten Schutz seiner Klasse! Es wird in den nächsten Wochen ein Update verfügbar sein, für eine Windows 10 kompatible Version Ihrer Norton-Software.

Norton engagiert sich sicherzustellen, dass die Kunden mit dem kommenden Betriebssystem Windows 10 vollständig geschützt bleiben. Die neue Version der Norton-Produkte kommt nicht nur mit erweiterten Sicherheitsfunktionen, um sich ständig weiterentwickelnde Bedrohungen zu bekämpfen, Sie  enthält auch viele Performance-Optimierungen, um zu gewährleisten, dass Ihre Sicherheitssoftware Ihnen nicht im Weg ist.

Als Norton Kunde, Sie sind jederzeit berechtigt, die aktuelle Version des Norton-Produkts kostenlos während dessen Laufzeit herunterzuladen. Bestehende Kunden sind auch berechtigt, kostenlosen Support zu bekommen unter https://support.norton.com

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&%^$^$ fix it already. Does not install! Build 10240


As a Windows Insider, all my machines are loaded with the RTM version. You can easily vet the sources around the net. Also, I have been in computers longer than most here has been alive with the exception of only just a few. Norton 2014, 2015, and Beta 2016 doesn't work. Though, Beta 2016 claims to, but it will drag your system down in CPU and RAM hits. You may have well put a hand-crank in front of your PC or laptop. I have, in the past been a big fan of Norton and can remember the times before Norton began their Extortionware Campaign of subscription based lackluster applications. Now by no means is the Symantec Corporation different in the amount of avarice, and contempt to fleece you all from your cash. Every company from Acronis to WinZip jumped on this along with a slew of other lackluster anti-virus and malware companies save Malwarebytes who was the first to come out with a new professional version of their flagship product. For those with a lifelong membership, you get free upgrades all the way through. Something like Norton's days of old of so long ago.

Yet, Norton, Symantec, and all the top ten self-acclaimed companies suggest if you get into trouble, use Malwarebytes to bail you out. Strange isn't it, and even stranger, people just like you don't read up and follow through. Instead, it's, "Take my freaking money, Norton!" Bitware Total Protection was also the first to claim that it is Windows 10 ready. This too is a lie. If they call it working or Win 10 compatible, they are screwing the pooch. Give your pcs a lobotomy and want to remember what single core processing was like back in 1990, then now is your chance to pursue this stuff.

Meanwhile, Windows 10 Defender completely beefed up their software included in Win 10 and the RTM that works well all by it's lonesome. There has never been a virus that got through with this product. Sure, you heard the FUD of the Norton Claims, but who knows the core of the operating system more than Microsoft?

Coupled with Malwarebytes in a harmonious relationship and with Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Pro that once you bought, you one, nothing has ever gotten through since the inception of Microsoft Security Essentials via through a name change of Defender since the Visa through the Windows 8 and 8.1 era. Windows 10, you don't even see any performance hits, nag screens, and intrusive interruptions like you do with any version of Norton as they give you a false-flag of illicit false alerts and a scheme of showing you a false sense of protection while your indeed being hammered, spied upon, and data stolen right under the noses of Norton.

Don't believe me, do your own research. Stop begin the hamster in the wheel.   

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<DarcWorks> I appreciate your input and experienced opinion. But, I have questions: where are you from? what is your primary language? did you proofread your comment? -- My comment is; if you want people to heed your advice and read your comments with confidence - you should have someone proofread your writings.  Sincerely, Steve, who wants to believe you.

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Hi all,  Just for information, I updated to W10 and it works just fine, including N360 and updates thereto.  I even managed to import my bookmarks (at least the ones I had in Explorer) into Edge.  What  I haven't seen here is a reference to the Norton Toolbar.  How do I get it on to the Edge web page, please?  One of the reasons I was keen to test W10 is that on this machine, my laptop, I was getting memory problems with FF ("only" 2GB - fine on my PC with 4GB).  I've still to test Edge properly but it seems OK at the moment.  I also set benchmarks for start up before I upgraded.  Before, Switch on to desktop took 27 sec, time to web home page another 23 sec, = 50 sec total.  After upgrade, 27, 21, 48 resp., ie about the same.  This is for a laptop with SSD.  Finally, the absence of paragraphs here is because if I hit Return it's equivalent to Ctrl-Home, ie back to the start of the text.  I've no idea why.  Ian

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Edge does not yet support extensions.  That will be coming later, possibly in October, which is when the first large update for Windows 10 comes out.


I installed Windows 10 yesterday. Windows detected that my Norton Internet Security would not catch problems while the Edge browser was being used. It gave me the option of using another browser and showed a list to choose from. I selected to go back to Internet Explorer to use as my browser since I definitely wanted to use my Norton Internet Security.


Thanks super3588. 



I have allowed my computer to be upgraded to Windows 10.  Prior to doing this I made a total drive back up of my Windows 7 operating system.  I now also have a total drive back up with Windows 10 operating system.  I have had no issues at all with Norton 360 or with Firefox.  So far I have not compaints and my computer is behaving very well.  Faster once it boots up etc.  I have chosen to make Firefox my default browser and I still use Windows Live mail for emails.  I intend to test features that came with Windows 10 and will operate each new function in parallel with the old familiar one before changing over all together.  I find it is wise to operate new systems in parallel before replacing and discarding old software.


Recently upgraded to Windows 10 on my ASUS R500A (Intel Core i7) . It appeared  Norton Security was working but my entire operating system became bogged down to the point where my disk usage was getting stuck at 100% for way too long and even some keys were delayed to the point where I could not type certain letters. I uninstalled Norton and turned on Windows Defender. My computer is now operating properly with no disk usage problems and letters working fine. Will Norton Security work properly with Windows 10 at some point soon?


Hello Sid1,

You'll be better served posting here > Norton Security you may also review > Hot Fixes & Issues - Norton  and Windows 8/8.1 or 10 and Fast Start feature