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Network Trust Does Not List All Network Adapters

OS: Windows XP SP3
Product: Norton Security

I have two network adapters in my machine, one (LinkSys) is for a wired private network which connects through a hub to other XP / Win7 machines, and the other (Intel) is for a wired public network that connects to a router. Both adapters use separate IP ranges.

When I first enabled the Linksys adapter, Network Trust asked me what trust level I wanted to assign and I picked "Private". I then enabled the Intel adapter and selected "Public". Later I decided to change the Intel adapter to "Restricted" and when I opened the Network Trust dialog the LinkSys adapter is not listed, only the Intel adapter appears.

When I disable / enable the Linksys adapter, I do get the notification pop-up: "You are now connected to a private network" but the adapter does not show up in Network Trust.

Note: I can still use the private network successfully (eg: browse other computers)
Note: The old "Network Security Map" successfully displayed both adapters

Labels: Firewall