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Continuous false positives

Hello community, 

I recently bought a new desktop computer to which I transferred my files (around 900 GB) through an external hard drive. 

A long time after the transfer was complete, Norton popped up showing "insight detections" of two files. These happened to be drivers of an external video-TV card (Aver Media). I reported them to Symantec as false positives. No longer than an hour later, Norton started popping up continuously about detections for other files. It made around 20 detections. These were mostly executable files or driver files or other portable applications. Since I could not report so many false positives, I just restored & excluded them from future scans. 


a) Why is this happening? I had these files for years on my older computer, which had Norton installed and the Full-system-scan set to run every month. 

b) I can't see anywhere the excluded files on Norton's settings. There are three exclusion categories under the Scans and Risks settings section: "items to exclude from scans", "items to exclude from Auto-Protect, SONAR and Download Intelligence" and "Signatures to exclude from all detections". No list contains the files I excluded. Where can I find those items, is there a hidden list? 

Thanks in advance, 




Re: Continuous false positives

Hi John,

Your Q #1: Why is this happening? 

My Q: are you also using the said Aver Media on the older computer? Are you running an up-to-date Norton program on that PC? Well, sometimes...

SONAR (Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response) might make false positive detections for certain internal custom applications.

As to your Q #2, this page would help U out. Plz take a close look at "What to do after you submit a false positive?
After submit" part. Note that you need to exclude the target items manually.

For more info, you may Chat with Norton Support.

Please post back if this or any other comment solves your problem. THX...

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Re: Continuous false positives


About Q1, I haven't used the Aver Media device in several years. I just have the driver file saved in my download's folder (for a long time) because the device is old and the drivers for it won't download automatically if I decide to use it. My old PC does have the latest version of Norton installed, it was my main PC until three weeks ago. 

Q2, This list is empty. I though that when I clicked "restore" and selected the checkbox "exclude from future detections" it should add the files there automatically. Doesn't that make sense? 

Anyway, everything works for me fine now. I was mostly curious why were these detections popping up and why couldn't I see my exclusions. 




Re: Continuous false positives

@John: There could be some improvements made to SONAR (somehow, this simply explain why you occasionally saw those pop-ups re "insight detections" from your Norton client. For case study, you may review this thread).

why were these detections popping up

Yet, chances are you met a false positive. Please keep your NS up-to-date. A system reboot is kindly recommended and, plz turn off "Fast Startup" if you're using Windows 10/ 8.1/8. 

And, could you please follow my 2nd comment to exclude the said 20 "detections" manually (one by one)?

why couldn't I see my (your) exclusions?


PUP Hunter PRO: Just TRYING to save the world (U) from cyber threats, A single blog post, at a time, and ONCE & FOR ALL. (A fan of Nadia_Kovacs)

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