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Cold startup failure

Hi, I use Norton Security on a Windows 10 computer. For some reason I need to restart my computer to see the Norton Security icon in the Windows taskbar appearing. The icon practically never appears after a cold startup, but always after a restart.

How do I make NS starting neatly after a cold startup?


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Re: Cold startup failure

Please try to uninstall and reinstall Norton first. Is your Norton currently up to date? Current version is


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Re: Cold startup failure

Hi Frank GM,

A few suggestions and questions if I may, have you tried Help (from main page of Norton Product) >Get Support.  Let Get Support run and see if it finds anything or corrects anything in the installation.

You said Norton Icon in the System Tray - are you referring to one yo have pinned to the left side of the System Tray- or the one by the System Clock (lower right hand corner)?

Where do you have Settings > Antivirus > Automatic Protection Tab > Boot Time Protection set to?  Try setting it to Aggressive (don't forget the Apply) and see if that helps on a 'cold boot".

Contrary to what others may say, please also disable Fast Startup and see if that helps this situation.

Also something as simple as waiting for what will seem an extremely long time to see if the Norton Icon appears after the system is totally booted up.  I have seen a delay of close to 30 seconds and then it appears.

Let us know if any of this helps - if not then I would agree with running NRnR - but you will still need to check the Boot Time Protection as the default is OFF and could still permit the situation.

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Re: Cold startup failure

Setting the Norton Boot Time Protection to "aggressive" will actually make your pc take longer too boot. It actually warns you of this when selected. 

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Re: Cold startup failure

@Frank GM:

The below imgs would make yank's comment more understandable, and time-saving:

1. re Get Support:

2. System Tray: look into the "Show hidden icons" in the taskbar. Note, though, that Norton product won't pin itself to Taskbar automatically. Of course, you do that yourself, later.

3. (This step will require the admin access on your computer) change the default option for Boot Time Protection in your Norton:

Remember to re-turn it off or set it to Normal when your issue is fixed. Test shows that Norton DID NOT send/show any alert/info when I changed that setting to "Aggressive".

And, to disable fast startup, plz visit this page for simple-to-follow directions.

(based on windows10update dot com)

Additionally, to cut your Windows 10 PC's boot time, plz head to "Apps & features" settings and remove any other pre-installed apps and/or Potentially Unwanted Programs (aka, PUPs/PUAs, in short) you just don't need/use. To do so, simply input Apps fe in the search box and you'll be good to go:

A system reboot is kindly recommended when you finish the program removal.

More, take a closer look at (re-check) the Startup menu (right-click on taskbar > choose Task Manager) and disable unwanted items from running w/ yr 10. You may even consider performing a clean boot in your way. Hit this link to get related directions.

Thx and luck... :)

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Re: Cold startup failure

Norton Boot Time Protection is off by default. If it is set to Normal it will slow your boot time a bit. If set to aggressive it will slow your boot time down even more. There use to be a warning about this when you enabled it. 


Re: Cold startup failure

Thank you all for the quick and helpful responses. It looks like the problem has been solved. Let me explain what I’ve done and what I’ve seen.

I started with an uninstall and reinstall of NS first, using the link provided by PatsSoxBruins.

This helped once, that is, after only one cold start the NS icon appeared in the System Tray (I had set it to be shown through Taskbar Settings). Thereafter it didn’t, as “usual”.

I then set Boot Time Protection to Aggressive, which didn’t help either.

Subsequently I disabled Fast Startup (which I hadn’t heard about and needed to find through Googling; I didn’t even know that it was a W10 setting so checked all NS settings firstly; Bot Obliterator’s visual message would have saved time if I’d waited a bit longer). Just to be clear, I had set Boot Time Protection OFF again before disabling Fast Startup.

Anyhow, yank’s suggestion to disable Fast Startup seems the solution. I did quite some cold startups since I disabled Fast Startup, also after a long “cold night”, and each time the Norton icon showed up. This is really great, as my irritation level increased a little bit after each cold startup before.

Finally, FYI, I’m trying to manage my apps & features, indeed, partially with the help of Iolo’s System Mechanic.

Thanks again,


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Re: Cold startup failure

Hi Frank GM,

Glad you got it sorted and also came back to let everyone know what corrected your situation.  Hopefully by marking it as solved will assist others with similar problems as it will be shown as Solved in the search function.

Perhaps I should have included the following link in my previous post re: Fast Startup - may have savede you some Goggling time:


Also in regards to setting Boot Time Protection to Aggressive (or Normal) it may take longer for your system to boot, but to me it is a worth while trade-off - a few extra seconds for Boot versus AV protection earlier in the startup. Of course the option is yours.

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