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RESOLUTION:  While I was able to successfully sign-in to server without an issue with the Smart Firewall & Auto-Protect - Disabled. I retested it just now and had issues. I did read on the Steam Forum that this is a known issue... which I am guessing game in with most recent patch. So.... Good Ol' Norton continues to be a great workhorse and is not the issue.
   I purchase the recently released game called Absolver through Steam (and have no other issues with Steam Games). When I began the game, I could connect to the online server without a problem. At some point, I decided to log-off server and play in the off-line mode when I had problems with the game. When I attempted to reconnect with the server, I get a message saying that I am unable to connect to the server - which fails despite repeated efforts at reconnecting (i.e., both by hitting "Retry" button and by exiting game to restart game). 
   While I know that someone posted with similar issue, I saw that they said that with the Smart Firewall and Auto-Protect DISABLED they could not connect. I did not have the same experience - I disabled both and had no problem connecting to the server on the first attempt (please note that I exited Absolver and Steam before flipping to Disabled then restarted the game). So, it appears that something got toggled in Norton that prevents my connection.
  With regard to the firewall settings (Settings > Firewall > Program Control), I do see "Absolver" listed as "Allow" and going under Modify I see the following settings:

  Modify Rule
   Action : Allow
   Connections : To and From
   Computers : Any Computer
   Communications: All
   Apply Rule for NAT : If Explicity Requested
                                   : Create Security History (Unchecked)

   I was looking around and saw the "Purge Exclusion List" though it does not appear to allow me to check the list and without knowing more I did not want to attempt to purge and see what happens. I am open to suggestions - remember - when I first got the game about a week ago, I had no problem connecting to the serve and playing online (multiple log-ins per day). It was only today, after having some trouble, chosing off-line play for a while, and then attempting to toggle it to online play (note the toggle works fine within the game as I can still flip to off-line mode and play it fine AND when I toggled it to online play it attempts to connect to the server without fail. Moreover, if the Smart Firewall and Auto-Protect are disabled, I can connect without a problem.