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No Site Ratings in Google? I Copy A Google Link into Norton Safe Search for Safe Site Info

Like most here, I prefer Google Search.  However, I am now using "Copy Link Location" or "Copy" (both via a right click) for any item/URL for which I first search in Google and then I paste the Link Location into Norton Safe Search for the safe site information-- a brief extra step but it works.

You cannot just click and use the blue Google HTTP/S URL link in Google Search (the first line of all search links) but instead,  first highlight and then copy the Green link below or following that first blue line.  Safe Search will not resolve the Blue URL because it has http/s:www dot google dot com before each URL for which you search.

I know that Ask is the pits, without images et cetera, but perhaps it will improve with more users over time.  I do not know if Google returns hundreds or more URLs during a search than a search in Ask does; however, so far every link I have copy/pasted from Google to Safe Search has worked.  

If Ask ever fails, I will copy the URL link into Virus Total to check its safety, although this is more time consuming.

Win 8.1 x 64_ i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz_32GB Ram_NSBU v. MBAM/MBAE_FFox v.57.0 (64-bit)_Chrome _Fast Startup is OFF.