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"This is Spam" Function

I thought that using the "This is Spam" button on Norton AntiSpam would also add the email address to the blocked list but it doesn't.  Does this button have any other function other than moving the email into the Norton AntiSpam folder?

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Re: "This is Spam" Function

Hello Wayne. What e-mail client are you using? This article outlines Norton Anti-spam compatibility. Please note from the article the following under the heading "Norton AntiSpam supported protocols and ports":

Only POP3 and SMTP protocol is supported.

  • POP3 with SSL is not supported.

  • IMAP & Exchange accounts are not supported.

  • If email client is configured in ports other than default ports 110, then the new port needs to be added to protected ports

*When adding a port your provider uses OTHER THAN those listed by default keep in mind that ONLY ports with POP3 or SMTP can be added for anti-spam to work correctly. Also, register the addon in your Norton settings as well.

 Hope this helps.


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