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Server Error

I have been struggling to restore files from the online backup all week and have been succeeding in dribs & drabs. Long & painful process. But now (since yesterday) I kkep getting a server error message that tells me to come back later. This is the latest one - now desperate please help.

Error: "8702,536873123" when I run backup or restore with Norton 360 Version 5.0

This error can appear due to a temporary problem with the backup servers. Please run the backup or restore after 24 hours.



Re: Server Error


May I ask what the size of the restore you are doing is? This will help me with the trouble shooting and getting you the correct info to get your restore working for you. If do not wish to post that information here fell free to message me. I will be on the forums 8am to 5 pm Monday through Friday PST.

Michael South

IT Support Specialist

Michael: Technical Account Manager NAM

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