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Online Backup Not Active

Houston we have issues.

Hello World,

Norton 360 Online Backup worked a few weeks ago.  Now I see 'Online Backup Not Active' under the account tab and 'At Risk' with the little Norton mini icons at the top right of my desk top. I logged into my Norton online account, and see that my back up folder has worked in the past. 

Also if I change my backup location within my LAN, the backup is successful, however 'At Risk' stays on.

When I click the option circle for online backup.  I get the Congratulations! message. blah blah ....Please click Next to continue storing your files online.  

This continues to LOOP.

Please view my screen shots (PDF) at http://dirtyhumanoids.com/Norton_Online_Backup.pdf

 Thank you.



Re: Online Backup Not Active


   Sorry for the Trouble you are having.

1.Backup your Identity safe Data.

2.Start->All Programs->Norton360->Uninstall Norton360

3.Select Remove all Data (Second option)


5.Reinstall Norton360

6.Backup->Manage Backup Set->Where(tab)->Activate the Secure Online Storeage

7.Save Settings


Re: Online Backup Not Active

Thanks Subash,

To free up space on my Norton Online Backup account, I did the following steps and it worked.

1. Open Norton 360,

2. mouse-over the "Backup" bubble and choosen "Restore Files".

3. Next, selected a Backup set

4. Then selected the files that I wanted to delete and then choose the "Delete Files" option.

Thanks and regards,


Norton support : Computerrepairandcare.net/norton-antiviruss.html

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