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NOBU restore problem

I used Norton Online backup, very successfully for a year and a half. 4 computers are backed up daily.

There were two failures over this time period which were annoying because the on line technicians took an hour to figure out that their system was broken and would be fixed in a few days.

Every month I restore the backed up files to the desktop of my home computer (one of the four) and download them to an external hard drive.

This provides me with an archive of backups.

Now I cannot restore!

I have been on line with the technicians 4 times for  a cumulative time of 6 hours. They have done numerous reloads/reboots/fractional restores.

They always get tiny restores to work (I cannot) and then they say "OK it is fixed goodbye".

The reason for the lengthy explanation is that I now conclude that Norton has a problem that they are having difficulty resolving and I can no longer invest and further time in this flawed system. I will not go back on line and need to swallow my losses and move on to something else.




Re: NOBU restore problem


What specific errors are surfacing with the restore? Please provide me with more info and I'll see what I can do to assist you.

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