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Firefox 33 Support for Norton Toolbar

Hi Everyone, 

The Norton Toolbar is now compatible with Firefox 33. We have released a Firefox 33 compatibility patch for Norton Security 22.0.1Norton Security with Backup 22.0.1. The patch is also available for the Norton Internet Security, Norton 360 21.6Norton 2013, Norton 2012 and Norton Identity Safe standalone products which is available via LiveUpdate.

The versions for this compatibility update are as follows:

Norton Security, Norton Security with Backup

Norton Toolbar: 2015.1.0.21

Note: For the 22.x update, this patch does not require reboot on Win7 & Win 8 machines.

Norton Internet Security, Norton 360 & Comcast Norton Security Suite

Norton Toolbar: 2014.7.9.8

Note: For the 21.x update, this patch does not require reboot on Win7 & Win 8 machines.

Norton Identity Safe Standalone: 

Norton Toolbar2014.7.9.8

Note: For Identity Safe Standalone, this patch requires a reboot.

Norton Internet Security & Norton 360 v20.5.0.28

Norton Toolbar2013.4.13.11

Note: For the 20.x update, this patch does not require reboot on Win7 & Win 8 machines. 

Norton Internet Security and N360

Norton Toolbar2012.5.28.2

Note: This patch requires a reboot 

We recommend that you have the latest version of Norton Security or Norton Security with Backup or Norton Internet Security or Norton 360 installed.  If you are not seeing the Norton Toolbar in Firefox 33, check and make sure you're running NS, NSwB, NIS, N360 or NSS Please visit our Norton Update Center to receive the latest update. 

You may need to run LiveUpdate and reboot a few times before your product is completely updated to the latest version. It will appear in the LiveUpdate history as Norton Toolbar Add-on for Firefox.

If you are running Firefox 33 and Norton Security, Norton Security with Backup, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360 and still do not see the Norton Toolbar, please ensure the Norton Toolbar plugin is enabled. You can do this by clicking on the Firefox menu, selecting Add-ons, and then clicking Enable next to Norton Toolbar.

Please note: We now only officially support Firefox 31.0 and above. Firefox 30 and older are no longer supported. See this announcement for more information.