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Norton Online Backup did not restore my MS Outlook files (.pst, .ost)

My computer/laptop crashed Monday night with a hard disk failure. Fortunately, I had just competed the assembly of a new desktop. So I went to NOBU in order to restore the files (that were 2 days old) to my new computer, I restored about 16,589 files totaling 5.90GB. I thought that I was reasonably home free until I discovered that my MS Outlook files were missing. My settings for the dead computer clearly showed that all file types were selected and that included email. The tool tip for email showed that it included the backing up of ,pst and .ost. Well they weren't restored. I very carefully make sure that I have exited from MS Outlook before I kick off a manual backup just before going to bed. What happened and am I dead? There are emails that I need, but I also need to recover my contacts and calendar.



Re: Norton Online Backup did not restore my MS Outlook files (.pst, .ost)

Hi Gried

What operating system were you backing up? I need this to know the location of Outlook so I can then guide you to look in the right place.

Also what restore location/destination did  you select?

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