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Android Identity Safe?

Does Identity Safe for Android work with any browser?




Re: Android Identity Safe?


Identity Safe for Android is a browser on its own.

Currently, we do not support IDSafe with other browsers due to technical limitations (e.g. no plugin support)



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Re: Android Identity Safe?

oops.. forgot to mentioned..

Besides the convenience of automatically logging you in to your favorite sites, using IDSafe on Android to browse provides you other cool benefits:

  • Browse safely - When you accidentally visit a malicious site, we prevent the site from loading and show you a warning.
  • Safe search - When you use our search, the search results tells you whether the site is safe before you visit. (If you are used to Google Search, you have the option to switch the search engine as well)
  • Private Browsing - Keep your browsing information off the history, so no one can see the sites that you have been to.

Re: Android Identity Safe?

Thanks johnny. I'll check it out to see if I like the browser...

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