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This forum thread needs a solution.

Auto ID Safe start ?

I keep forgetting to open Identity safe when I start browsing via the toolbar 'Open Safe' button.

Is there a way to get to get it to automatically popup to request the password when the browser is opened ?




Re: Auto ID Safe start ?

ID Safe should prompt you to open the vault when you go to a page with a login screen but it does not always work that way.  It has been an issue for me since N360v21 I think.  Still an issue today. 

A little bit of knowledge is... well a little bit of knowledge.

Re: Auto ID Safe start ?

Not just me then.

Thanks for the reply.


Re: Auto ID Safe start ?

For me the problem seems to be linked to having an online vault.  I recently had (what I perceived to be) a security issue with my online vault so decided to revert all my systems back to using local vaults only.  Part of this process entailed using the multiple 3 wrong PWs to cause the online vault's deletion.  The very next day (after changing from online to local only) the auto prompting started working fully and as expected on every system.

Here's the clinker...

Yesterday I decided to try creating a new online vault again - I did not import any info into it.  I checked on this new vault's integrity & accessibility multiple times throughout the day using each of my systems - I did this both via ID Website and via ID Safe applet...  I would then sign out (Website) or close (ID Safe applet) the online vault and switch back to using each system's local vault.

Today the auto-prompting is not working again on any of the systems...

Go figure...


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Re: Auto ID Safe start ?

Hi John,

Of course you have selected Keep Both and are logging into the Local Vault to check if the "open Vault prompt" is working again!

<EDIT>  OK, I have woke up a bit more! 

I have gone to my Comcast NSS system which does not have the capability of an Online Vault.  The prompt to open vault is present and remains present across different log-ins which require passwords (leaving the vault closed).

I also tested these same sites on my NSBU system, which has both the Local and the Online Vault.  The prompt to open the vault does not work and I believe if you close the vault from either Local or Online it makes no difference because there is a glitch in the Online Vault side of that setting.  If you have the Online Vault, with or without the Local Vault, then  the prompt to open vault does not function.

So after more testing I have in fact proven that what you are seeing is also what I am seeing on my Win 7 64 bit system with local and online vaults.  At present it appears the "bug" comes into play when you have both systems.

If you delete the Online Vault on one of your systems with the dual vaults, does the prompt work with just the Local Vault?  I'm guessing it will work again!


Re: Auto ID Safe start ?

Hi Yank,

First - Thanks for confirming my findings...   It's been a long road figuring this one out.

Second - Yes; I deleted the recently created online "test" vault yesterday; today the prompting action is working again.

I am now certain that the "glitch", as you have aptly put it, lies in the online vault handling mechanism.

I reiterate - it's certainly been a long road finding this one - for me a 2-year long road...  This aspect hasn't worked correctly since v20 (when we lost the ability to create local vaults using the application).

Thanks again,



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