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This forum thread needs a solution.


On July 10th Tony Weiss posted a list of issues that Norton is aware of with the update to I'm wondering what the current status  is on resolving those issues. As far as I can tell the Antispam issue hasn't been resolved and I'm sure others would like to know the status on the rest of the list (nothing like waiting for something to be resolved when the people who are supposed to be resolving the problem think they already fixed it ).

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Re: HOT ISSUES - NS/NSBU 10July Post


Please see this thread about the Anti-Spam issue


The auto fill ins have been fixed for some sites and are still being worked on to fix more sites. The Admins have been gathering lists from users so they can fix more of them.

To get updates really, you have to go thru some threads. The Norton Employees post on some of the threads and you can see them at work in those threads.

Today is Sunday, so you don't see the Employees posting on the weekends. I can tell you that the Teams have been working to solve the problems as quickly as possible.Thanks.

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