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360 on multiple devices for multiple users?

Hi all,

Just a general inquiry about norton 360 across multiple devices -- I see for $69.99 I can get norton security across 10 devices for one year. I live in a sharehouse and one of my roommates wants to split it and both put norton onto our computers. Will we run into any problems doing this? Or is there something in place so it must be used by the same user across all devices?


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Re: 360 on multiple devices for multiple users?

hi Robertson92

You should have no problem in doing what you and your flatmate want to do, my sister (different name) who lives in a different part of town uses one of my seats for her laptop.

The only thing I would be inclined to do is have separate Norton Accounts otherwise when you use the Password Manager they will be shared between you and each will have access to each others passwords and log-ins.

One of you will be the "master" Account holder where the details of your Norton Product will be stored the other will have a "dummy" Account where no details of the Product will be stored but it will keep your log-ins separate.

Install Norton on one machine and set up an Account, then that person can sign into the Account click on the Services tab where you will find an orange download button which when clicked will open a new window where you can click on install on another device when you can enter your flatmates email address which will give a link to download a pre-activated download of Norton. During the installation stage it will ask for you to sign in to your Account at which time you can ask to set up a new account with a different email address.

I hope this helps please do not hesitate to ask if you run into any difficulties.


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Re: 360 on multiple devices for multiple users?

What I do with family, which is slightly different I realize, is to take care to set up the Norton Account with a specific password that I don't use for anything else but this account. Then I just install on the different machines and give that password to the account to the other users in the family although I've never known them to access the account.

I don't know that the secondary users actually need access to the Norton Account except to reinstall and that doesn't happen yet for them. Unfortunately the Forums now use the same login ID and Password as for our Norton Accounts so that's another complication! The Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again?

If you do follow Michael's route -- I've not tried it -- then definitely turn off the autorenewal feature which may require credit card information (something which most of us do anyway so we can take advantage of lower prices in the stores and buy new rather than do a renewal) since I'm almost certain it does not like more than one email address on file for the one product.


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