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Anti virus for IPad

I just renewed my Norton for my PC. I also have an IPad. Will it also work for the I pad? My renewal allows for 10 devices. Same question for my Android phone? 

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Re: Anti virus for IPad

hi James

You need to go to the appropriate Store to download the relevant program for each device.

The program for Android is a full AV program however, for your iPad it is not AV but other features mostly of which you can already do with Apple software, I think location is one of the features. I believe they have recently updated the software for iOS so not quite sure exactly what it does.

I hope this helps.



Re: Anti virus for IPad

Hi James

As Michael says, there is no AV features in the IOS version of Norton Mobile Security (which is the software you would install under your Norton Security license). The latest update did not change that.

The only features offered are the phone finder, and contacts backup, and they will only work if you have the app actually running on the IOS device. The free app, Find my Phone from Apple does this and it actually works the way you want. ie The app does not have to be open on the device for it to work. The iCloud service will back up your IOS device, and again for free.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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