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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Security's DIsable Auto-Protect Greyed out

As the title states, Norton Security's Disable Auto-Protect is Greyed out. This was an issue for a very long time with Norton 360 and it took months for Norton/Symantec to make a Hot-fix for it. I am not exactly sure how long Disable Auto-Protect has been greyed out, but it has been at least over a week or more. I noticed it again when I tried installing a program I paid for that specifically states to disable Anti-virus software in order for installation to install smoothly, I cannot do this because once again, Disable Auto-Protect is greyed out.

Are Norton users going to have to wait months for a fix for this as we did with Norton 360? I am starting to get to the end of my rope with Norton products now. Whenever there is an issue, it takes a very long time for Norton to make a fix. I cannot imagine something as simple as Disable Auto-Protect would be that difficult to make a hot-fix for. I have been a Norton user for almost close to 10 years now, but I am starting to think it is time to move to a competitive product as I am tired of all of these bugs with Norton. Any time I speak with a live Norton representative, I get the same generic answer..."Please uninstall and re-install the product". That has never worked. I even had a Norton "Tech" go into my registry and delete a bunch of registry entries and after the "Tech" was finished, my computer would no longer start and I had to re-install Windows. This is unacceptable. Again I love Norton, I have for the past 10 years, but I think I am starting to look elsewhere if these problems and bugs continue. I would like to stay with Norton, but I have had my fair share of problems with the last three Norton products I have purchased.

If anyone can please shed some light on this or offer a fix, I would greatly appreciate it. This was a big problem for users of Norton 360 before, and now it is happening again with Norton Security.

P.S. I looked through pages and topics in the forums and did not come across a thread with this issue. If there is one already, please feel free to move this to that thread and I apologize if this question has already been posted.

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Re: Norton Security's DIsable Auto-Protect Greyed out

Hi HTMTheGame,

Are you seeing the following?  Sorry, but it is an older (circa N360?) - but still displays the question I have in regards to is the remediation statement present? 

If so then perhaps the following will clear it for you:


I know it sounds over simplified for a fix.  BTW which Operating system are you on?  If Win 10 is Fast Startup disabled?


Re: Norton Security's DIsable Auto-Protect Greyed out

hi yank,

Thank you for the reply. Yes I do see something similar to the pic you posted, mine is greyed out in settings within Norton Security as well.

And yes, I am on Windows 10 and yes Fast Startup is disabled.


Re: Norton Security's DIsable Auto-Protect Greyed out

Hello HTMTheGame

I assume you contacted the real Symantec Techs when you contacted them. Did you use www.norton.com/chat to contact them?


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Re: Norton Security's DIsable Auto-Protect Greyed out

Hello floplot,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes I indeed contacted real Symantec Techs, however I did not use the chat option, I called by phone and spoke to a live tech. The Tech told me to uninstall Norton Security, and re-install it. That did not work. The Tech then took control of my PC with my permission and started deleting files and registry entries, which ultimately made me have to re-format my PC. Anyway, none of the solutions provided by the Symantec tech solved the issue.

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