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Window 10 and Norton version

I have been waiting to download windows 10 due to the problems that I have read with Norton Security working correctly.  Is it safe to download windows 10 now?  Does it have issue with the built in windows 10 security?  thanks for the advice


Accepted Solution
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Re: Window 10 and Norton version

Norton Security ver 22 was not compatible with Windows 10.

NS v22.5 was released as the 1st NS that is compatible with W10 and v22.6 (latest release) and v22.7 (Beta) are compatible with W10.

Windows 10 comes with Windows Defender. Be sure to run updates on Windows Defender and run a scan before installing NS. Windows Defender will then shutdown and NS will take over.



Re: Window 10 and Norton version

I will gives this a try.  Thanks so much!

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