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LastPass not very good for Norton community site

LastPass does not work too well for signing in to this Norton Community Site.  I created the "login" combination but when I click the tool, click Sites, click on the community.norton.com to trigger login, only a blank, white, screen appears.  I can open the site putting the address in the browser address field, and THEN  when I click on Sign In, the usernameemail address and password fields become filled and I can then click on the Sign-in button there.  I WANT to be able to LOGIN THROUGH THE LASTPASS TOOL.

LastPass has been the tool we are told to use for logins with use of Firefox until Identity Safe is fixed.

Windows Vista, laptop, Firefox 47+whatever, Slimjet 11.0.3



Re: LastPass not very good for Norton community site

I don't have any problem with LastPass filling the fields here.

A couple of suggestions:

  1. Delete the login details for Norton Community, clear local cache, restart your browser.  Manually sign in and allow LastPast to save your login.
  2. Contact LastPass for support.  https://lastpass.com/supportticket.php
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Re: LastPass not very good for Norton community site


Perhaps the recent security issues that Last Pass had has something to do with it. I know that the security issues were fixed. I don't use either product. Do you have the latest version of Last Pass? That is probably a question for LastPass to answer as to how they fixed the security hole. I think it had something to do with Firefox also, so don't know who had to fix it.


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Re: LastPass not very good for Norton community site

Have you read any reports of the security issues or the patches affecting the ability to log into any websites?

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