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UMENGX86DLL causes hang on process termination

I'm confirming that what was reported at https://community.norton.com/forums/umengx86dll-causes-hang-during-proce... still exists in   Fairly easy to reproduce.

System specs used to consistently reproduce the issue:

Intel Pentium P6100 @ 2.00GHz (dual core), 4GB RAM, Windows 10 x64 (1511), 2 physical hard drives

1) Install Image for Windows from TeraByte Unlimited.

2) Create a backup of an empty partition (you want a very small image) and place the image file on a secondary physical hard drive partition that is not contain the main Win10 partition.

3) Setup a batch file to loop through a validate process.  Example (assuming the drive letter on the second hard drive is D:) :

"C:\Program Files (x86)\TeraByte Drive Image Backup and Restore Suite\imagew.exe" /v /f:D:\name_of_image_file.tbi
goto top

At some point, usually within 10 minutes, there will be a hang where the program launch is no longer looping (process still running but not on screen).  Dump will show it's in UMENGX86 as part of ExitProcess called by the CRT.   This does not occur when using the 64bit version of Image for Windows (imagew64) nor does any hang occur using the 32bit version if Norton Security is uninstalled.   From others reporting the same thing with other applications it's clearly related to Norton.

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Re: UMENGX86DLL causes hang on process termination

UMEngx86.dll is associated with the Sonar feature of 360.

Then... you can do the following - for troubleshooting purpose:

  • Temporarily uninstall the said TeraByte Drive Image Backup and Restore Suite through Windows Control Panel;
  • Restart;
  • Update your NS; check the said issue re UMENGX86.DLL
  • Give some other disk imaging apps a try, e.g., Paragon Hard Disk Manager. Remember: install the setup file as the admin.

Personally... your hardware is not ready for Windows 10, which might be a resource hog...

Reference: Intel Core i3-380M (PGA988) vs Pentium P6100 (hxxp://www.cpu-world dot com/Compare/94/Intel_Core_i3_Mobile_i3-380M_%28PGA988%29_vs_Intel_Pentium_Dual-Core_Mobile_P6100.html)

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