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downloading issues

So I have been trying to download Norton on my new laptop since 8:30 this morning.    I have been trying until around 8 pm.    I purchased on computer Norton at Staples.   They tried to give me the 5 computer version.   I do not need a 5 computer version.   It said on my account that it had been installed.   I asked that they give me the one computer verision.  

It became uninstalled.   It said that I needed to reinstall it.     I went on chat with 4 different chat agents.    They keep sending me to the "let me connect to your computer" and then they just disappear.     Then I get back in and ask them to download and then they do it again.   It is almost as if your Norton support people earn money every time you manage to get some customer to let them do the "let me connect to your computer".

I had Norton on my old computer (which is still active).    I don't know what happened - I think it autoinstalled and I never noticed - it installed 2 times within a 2 month period and charged me $89.   

When I look on my account it shows the two $89 account still active.   

Look I just need to have Norton on my most recent laptop.    I do not need a 5 laptop version because my other laptop is almost dead which is why I bought this most recent laptop.

What is their problem ?

Either get my Norton installed on my laptop OR give me a refund so I can install McCaffee.   I do not have time to spend an entire day doing chats with Norton support people.



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Re: downloading issues

First thing you need to check with a new computer is to make sure there is no other security software trials on your computer. They need to be fully remove with the removal utility for that software.

If you have a problem with multiple product subscriptions, you should contact Norton Support and explain your situation. They can straighten things out for you. It is best to use the online chat.    www.norton.com/chat

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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