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This forum thread needs a solution.

Cannot uninstall 'better surf plus' malware.

see title


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Re: Cannot uninstall 'better surf plus' malware.

Chat with Official Norton Support  ask for VPP team > Norton experts work with you to diagnose and remove malware. What is Norton Virus Protection Promise.  Post back progress.


Re: Cannot uninstall 'better surf plus' malware.

1. The said BetterSurf is just an adware-powered browser add-on (NOT malware) and hence you cannot uninstall such an item with the help of Windows Control Panel. Worse is this:

The program does not provide any uninstalling functionality (Note: you can only disable it with browsers' add-on manager.)


2. Then, try:

  • exporting your personal data like bookmarks from the 'infected' browser like Firefox
  • resetting the web tool to its default configurations, or, performing a clean uninstall of your browser
  • search your system thoroughly by using this query BetterSurf
  • (run your browser and check)
  • importing your personal stuff later

If you're new to badware manual removal, please head to Norton VPP (Virus Protection Promise) above, in no time.

3. Prevention: beware of extra items like so-called OFFERS, RECOMMENDATIONS (aka, PUA) while running any other 3rd-party downloads from the Internet.

Last but not least,

  • that item is no more than the variant of PUA.Yontoo by Yontoo LLC, personally.
  • Have U tried the latest version of Norton Security?
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Re: Cannot uninstall 'better surf plus' malware.

No need to chat with support. As stated already this isn't malware. It's an adware browser tool installed by something you recently downloaded and installed. Some software is pre packed with other software. If you just click next, next and next without reading the installer this can happen. Also you should be using a secure browser like Firefox or Chrome with an adblocker. Please download this free tool by MalwareBytes. Scan it and post what it finds. Which browser is this on? Which browser are you using? https://www.malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner/

Re: Cannot uninstall 'better surf plus' malware.


Re: Cannot uninstall 'better surf plus' malware.

Good links Hok but instead of advising users to add more security I feel it better to inform them of how this happened to begin with. So they can avoid making further mistakes. 99% of infections are user based. First step is safe surfing habits. When someone downloads something lime xyz123.exe installer as they are installing it the install box will show something like "this will install better surf toolbar". The check mark will already be checked off by default so when a user just clicks next, next and next the better surf will auto install. Users need to be aware of what they are installing read each section rather then clicking next,next and next. Uncheck what you do not want. Unchecky is actually a very good tool for this and 100% free. 



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