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This forum thread needs a solution.


I bough my new computer about three months ago and there was a  3 month version of Norton Security on it. I was quite happy because i was using Norton all of my life and so i wanted to use the 3 month version first before i use my own Noron key. Now the contract has ended and i can not find my own key. i tried to download a free antivirus but it told my that i am save by another program and norton tells me on the one hand that my contract has run out but on the other hand that I am save so i do not know what to do and if my computer is safe. thanks for help 



Re: Help

If you had the same version of Norton on your other pc you can log into your Norton account and get your product key. Then enter that key into your new Norton. But ONLY if it is the same product. Such as were you using Norton 360 and now your using Norton Security? If you want to install a free antivirus such as Avast you need to completely uninstall your Norton first. 


Re: Help

@Anna is cool:

To locate your Norton product key, plz read this KB. Somehow, you're still protected from threats, as some parts of Norton components (e.g., Norton Toolbar for Chrome/Firefox/IE) would still active even when your 3-Mo Norton subscription has become invalid. And, to renew the subscription for your Norton product, you may read this KB and, consider disabling the "Auto-Renewal" option.

And, if you have trouble re-downloading/reinstalling your Norton product, plz read this KB.

For more info, you may Chat with Norton Support, later. Thx :)

As for so-called "free antivirus", some other non-Symantec security program (e.g., ESET, Kaspersky, etc.) would detect its competitors when you run that setup file. Then you may read this KB so that you can fully uninstall the expired Norton software in yr system.

Additionally, remember to customize the installation procedure so that you can prevent potentially unwanted items (aka, PUPs) from installing on your computer. For example, you should consider UNCHECKING the below options if you do not use 'em.

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Re: Help

@ 20750965 you posted a screen shot of Avast for Macs. Avast online security and Avast VPN are NOT examples of PUPS. Avast Online Security is a browser extension. Just like Norton toolbar is a browser extension. Please stop misinforming people.

Re: Help

Hello Anna is cool

If you know the email address that you used for your Norton Account and also know the password to it, you cab log into your Norton Account and then you will be able to find your key. Your Norton Account will also show you the name of your Norton product you were using with that key. Please remember to use your Administrator account.

Once you download the version of your Norton key, then you will be able to use that key. Once you tell me the name of the product, I can give you a link to get that product. Before installing that product, you have to thoroughly remove any other security products that were in your new computer. Please use the removal tool for each product and restart after using each removal tool.

Once that process is all completed, then you will be able to install your Norton product.

If you have issues getting into your Norton Account and you know the email address, then you can contact Customer Support.



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