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This forum thread needs a solution.

Old computer to New computer (yeah, great deal)

Got a new computer, but cannot transfer the current Norton to the new computer. I have about a year left on the subscription which I want to keep. I cannot seem to find anything on the website either. Am I just missing it or am I just pre-New Years??? I would appreciated any help provided.

Thank you,




Re: Old computer to New computer (yeah, great deal)

Hi Michele,

Thanks for the post.  The forum is for the product of Norton Family, a parental control program.  I'll forward this thread to an appropriate forum for better exposure.



Thanks Katie

Re: Old computer to New computer (yeah, great deal)

Hello Michele:

This page (Part 2) would help U out fast. 

And, to get the most of your new computer, you should consider uninstalling those unused pre-installed software.

Further, back up your system when ready. For details, plz review this comment (Step 8 - 15).


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Re: Old computer to New computer (yeah, great deal)

New computers come with pre installed security such as Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky or Trend Micro. Did your laptop come with any of these? Which version of Norton did your previous laptop have? Norton Security, Norton 360 or Norton Internet Security? You will need to log into your Norton account and remove the old computer that is attached to the license. You can then use that license for your new laptop. But only if it is the same product. Norton chat support maybe able to convert the license. 


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