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This forum thread needs a solution.

wvX4rT.exe - How to Remove Permanently

This threat, wVx4rt.exe , is removed each time I restart my win 10 PC via a Norton threat scan. The scan advises that the threat has been removed. The next time I restart the threat is again found and removed by Norton.

I have searched this in Google and there are procedures/softwares that claim to remove it, but I am looking for a Norton solution.

How do I permanently remove this persistent threat?

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Re: wvX4rT.exe - How to Remove Permanently

Are you restarting the computer, or shutting down and then starting up again? A restart will give a complete shutdown required to help fully resolve malware issues. If you have Windows 10  Fast Startup feature enabled, you may not get this complete shutdown if you use the shutdown option. See more details here.

Sometimes you have to look to second opinions for your malware removal. No single security product can protect 100%of the time from 100% of the thousands of new malware released daily,.

If you have already run a full system scan with your Norton product, you can contact Norton Support via chat and ask for the Virus Protection Promise. They can remote into your system and remove malware that your Norton product may not have been able to fully remove.     www.norton.com/chat

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: wvX4rT.exe - How to Remove Permanently

I can confirm that I have solved this problem using support from Symantec Services via chat with a technician. The technician connected to my computer via internet and in less than 15 minutes solved this problem. Congratulations to the excelente Norton / Symantec Service.

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