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This forum thread needs a solution.

Error 8504, 104

Just started receiving this error today.

Norton 360 (from Comcast) will not load, gives the "Norton Security Suite has encountered an error: 8504, 104 and gives no options to proceed further.

I tried in Safe Mode, no luck there.

I resorted to a Restore Point prior to the error, no luck there.

Norton will not uninstall through the Control Panel.

Norton will not reinstall through the Download Manager, no error, just says I have it already installed and will not uninstall prior version.

I downloaded the Symantec Diagnostic Tool which throws a number of errors:

  • Remote Registry Service needs attention
  •  TCP port 139 is not open
  •  TCP port 445 is not open
  •  Administrator account does not have a password (it does)
  • Your operating system version (Windows 10 Professional 64 bit) is not supported

Any thoughts?



Re: Error 8504, 104

Hi Dale2100,

Here is the Norton KB for error 8504,104.


Please follow the instructions and let us know if any change.  Be advised the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool will have you use  Step 5 to Remove Norton Security Suite (NSS). 

Be sure to download a new copy of NSS from the following link:


Do not use any old download managers you may have saved - download a fresh copy.

The Symantec Diagnostic Tool is not intended for use on Home User Norton Products - it is intended for use on the Enterprise and more advanced versions of Norton.  No telling what errors you may see using it on NSS.

Using a restore point may in fact have totally blown away your NSS, especially if you did not disable Norton Tamper Protection.   There was a recent update to NSS as outlined in the following link:


Part of that update included the following information:

Windows System Restore Support:  Performing a Windows System Restore has been known to sometimes cause problems such as the product not starting.  With this release if a customer takes a new Windows snapshot with version 22.10+ of Norton Security installed then if the customer performs a system restore to that snapshot it will no longer cause any problems with the Norton product.

So  be sure you have that new snapshot after you install and update to

Lots of info here and suggestions - please let us know how things go.


Re: Error 8504, 104

Thanks for your comments on my issues....

Well, it took a while, but I finally got through it.  The Norton Remove and Reinstall tool fooled me a bit.  It took about 35 seconds to load up, I wasn't waiting long enough for it.  Letting it sit for a while, I finally got the License Agreement approval screen, clicked on it - another 30 seconds...

I was beginning to think I had a disc drive issue due to the latency of the startups.  

I did a complete uninstall and reinstall of Norton (twice) and the second time seemed to go okay.  I really think Windows Defender got in the way and created some of these issues.  I normally keep it off and rely upon Norton, but somehow, perhaps through an update, it got turned back on.

This could have been the root cause of the problem...

At any rate, Norton Security Suite seems to be running normally now - thankfully.

Again, thanks for the help..



Re: Error 8504, 104

There are some tools to check your hard drive if you what. High IO latency is a red flag to disk issues.

Let me know if you want to check for that problem.


Re: Error 8504, 104

I run disk check tools quite regularly.  As it turned out,disk I/o latency was not the problem as the delays in loading were only with the Norton product.  After finally getting Norton uninstalled and reinstalled, the problems were resolved.

Thank you,



Re: Error 8504, 104

I'm curious to know what tools you use.

I primarily use:


They just had an update recently.

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