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Start up apps different in Norton compared to system start up apps

I have Windows 10 with the Norton Security Suite and had a very annoying problem that took me days to figure out.  I have QuickBooks 2015 and it appeared to be a problem with QuickBooks.  It was not.  What was happening was that QuickBooks and an Intuit Data Protect Pop Up would start up EVERY TIME I started up my laptop.  I had both items Disabled in my system startup.  I tried uninstalling both apps & reinstalling only QuickBooks, but the Intuit Data Protect app would magically reappear and the problem persisted.  I reported it to QuickBooks and they could not figure it out.  They looked at my system and could not see anything wrong.  It never occurred to them to look at the Norton startup tab apps, but I was working on setting up my scans in Norton and I eventually noticed that the Norton startup apps were out of sync with the system startup apps.  On Norton, QuickBooks and Intuit Data Protect were both Enabled, while they were Disabled in my system startup apps.  Once I manually Disabled these two apps in the Norton startup tab, the problem stopped and never happened again.  I cannot re-create this problem because now that they are in sync, any changes I make in one are instantaneously synced to the other.  This problem has happened to many people with Quickbooks and if you search on the web for Intuit Data Protect Pop Up, you will see how upset the QuickBooks users are.  I reported it to QuickBooks, but I have no way of knowing if they trained their Technical Support agents to recognize this set of inter-connected settings (system vs Norton) being a problem related to QuickBooks running every time on startup and the Intuit Data Protect Pop Up running a few minutes later.  It would be a big help to all of the angry users with this problem if someone could contact QuickBooks and some users impacted by these two startup apps running at startup and look at it from the Norton side.  Somehow, the Norton startup apps get out of sync with the system startup apps, which should never happen.



Re: Start up apps different in Norton compared to system start up apps

I have flagged this post to be escalated.

Thanks for the information. Great troubleshooting.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: Start up apps different in Norton compared to system start up apps

Hi El H,

Thank you for writing to us and we are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We understand that you are facing startup issues, There are two options in Norton Startup:

  • On/Off :  This option is simply "On" or "Off " function of Startup items
  • Delay Start: This will start the items with 5 mins delayed and at the same time this item will show as " Disabled" in System Startup.

When you uninstall and reinstall a product most likely it will be enabled in system startup again and when uninstalling few products, it won't get uninstall completely and will retain or install any supplementary product of theirs which would have initiated a pop-up or a new startup.

 For deeper analysis, we would need Screenshots of both Norton startup and system startup.Can you also please help with the product version, you can find it at Norton->Help-> About-> Version. One of our admin will contact you for taking logs  for debugging, Please help with it if you come across the same issue.Meanwhile, we will also test the same scenario and analyze.



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