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Update Your Subscription Settings

I am so very tired of daily popups from Norton which state "Account Notice: Update Your Subscription Settings. Don't risk being left unprotected. Turn on automatic renewal to protect your Norton Subscription from lapsing."

I have 235 days remaining in my subscription. Am I supposed to daily close the popups for the remaining 235 days? There is a noticeably absent button for "Do not display this reminder again" or similar. 

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Re: Update Your Subscription Settings

Can you check in the Norton Security settings (not your account) > Administrative Settings > Scroll down to Special Offer Notification.  If that is green / enabled can you disabled it > Apply, and see if that pop up continues?

Let us know how you get on.

In the mean time you may of noticed an orange notice on the top right hand corner of the forums.  Feel free to submit your feedback about pop ups there too.


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Re: Update Your Subscription Settings

Thanks Krusty13 for trying to help. I have tried the Special Offer Notification setting and I disabled it awhile back and was hoping that would take care of it. It probably won't make a difference, but I "enabled" it, saved it and then went back in and "disabled it" again.

I also tried clicking on the Popup to see if it would take me somewhere to a setting where I could disable further notifications. Alas, it did not and only took me to a page with a single option to "enable" my auto renewal for Norton. Sigh.,

What I guess I don't understand for the life of me is why Norton would not include a "do not remind me again" option (or similar) for the popup. It's almost like it tries to force you to enable auto renewable or continue to be harassed to death. I'm sure Norton probably isn't as concerned with the security of my computer in as much as they want continued funds from me. Lol.

In my opinion, it's simply bad business to not make it very, VERY clear how to disable such offending popups without having to dig somewhere for hidden or absent settings. Being spammed by the very product that is supposed to help you fight spam is very ironic. 

Thank you for trying to help....


Re: Update Your Subscription Settings

Hi Norton Tired,

Thanks for the feedback in your last post it is excellent feedback that should be shared in your comments on the Norton Popup Survey.

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