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multiple users on computer

If I install Norton Security as the main user on my computer and run a scan, will that cover all the files and programs from any other users on my computer? Will the other users have to also run scans? Will the other users also be protected by Norton; or will they have to install it individually? Will they also be protected online?


Accepted Solution
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Re: multiple users on computer

All users on the same computer will be protected by the Norton product you install. 

The Norton quick scan checks for the main avenues that malware uses to infect/attack a computer. OS, user files etc. So your quick scan will be able to check the computer and your personal settings areas of the computer. If you use the full system scan, all files and folders on the computer will be scanned. Including those of all users.

While the other users are logged in, Norton will still be checking for updates, and when any new malware definitions are downloaded, a quick scan will be run. Thus checking that user's personal areas.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: multiple users on computer

A manual Norton Full System Scan will be able to access all files that the user has permission to access.  For this reason, you should always run a manual Full System Scan from an account with administrator privileges in order to scan the largest number of files.  Automatic Quick Scans and Norton protections cover the whole system.  Individual users do not need to separately scan or do anything else - they are covered.

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