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Norton Tech Support Scam

I purchased the latest Norton Security Deluxe and tried to install it on my desk top. I always have trouble activating the exe. file and could not remember how I did it last year so I sought out help from Norton. I googled "Norton Customer Service" and selected the number listed as "Norton Antivirus Support Canada". The number I called was 1-855-264-9333. I spoke to a technician who tried to solve my problem and after she talked me through a few solutions that failed, she said I would receive a call from a technician that would solve my problem. I missed a call from 1-888-865-7444. I called back and a gentlemen told me that a tech named Barbara would connect with my computer remotely, which she did. Barbara performed a variety of tests and highlighted problems with my computer as she worked. The conversation turned into a dialog on the dangers of virus infections, malware and ransomware. By the look of the background which contained no Norton logos, I assumed this was a third party used by Norton to provide help. She offered me an ongoing Norton protection program or a one time fix for $79.99. I told her this sounded like a scam and challenged her to prove she worked for Norton/Symantic. She provided an employee number. I started taking screen shots to get the name of the company and our dialog and then I disconnected her fearing for my privacy. The screen shots had been deleted.

I called back the 1-888-865-7444 number. I asked if I was indeed speaking to Norton and I was told "yes". I related my experience and told him I believed their third party company was scamming their customers. He told me I would receive a call from a supervisor which I never did. This obviously is a scam to mislead Norton customers into believing they are dealing with Norton with a goal of selling you services you do not need and extracting personal information. As of Oct 12, both those numbers are no longer working.



Re: Norton Tech Support Scam

 > Chat with Official Norton Support   --|-- Call Official Norton Support 

There are many different ways to get Official Norton support:
In order to make sure you are visiting the correct Norton support page, be sure to type in support.norton.com in the URL bar of your browser. You can use Norton Support: Live Chat, which is the fastest way to solve your issue. There is also the Norton Forums, you can also browse through a library of Top Solutions around common problems. Request help via Norton’s phone support.

Official Norton Support webpage is located at https://support.norton.com.
Official Norton Support is always free to current subscribers.

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Re: Norton Tech Support Scam

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