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This forum thread needs a solution.
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Which languages can I use in the Norton Forums?

Welches sind die Änderungen in diesem Build?

  • Korrekturen für die folgenden Fehler:
    • Ein Fehler der besagt "Fehler: Eine Verbindung zum Server ist nicht herstellbar. Bitte versuchen Sie es später noch einmal. (8)"
    • Ein Vorfall, bei dem der VPN Toggle Schalter zeitweise nicht reagiert. Es gab keine Reaktion, wenn der Schalter auf EIN geschalten war.
    • Ein Verbindungsfehler, bei dem das Produkt bei 'Verbinden' stehen blieb, die Verbindung wurde aber nicht hergestellt.

I have been receiving an inordinate number of email messages as of late from Norton in various foreign languages. English not being my primary language, I had always been under the impression that I could not use my primary language in the Forums and I needed to use the English language when posting a message in the English Forum. Actually, I seem to recall that some other user was specifically advised to avoid the English Forum if she wanted to post something in a different language, be it French, Portuguese or Chinese...

Recently, however, I keep receiving from Norton what seems to be announcements in various languages, other than English and I wonder what purpose is this procedure supposed to serve. I guess there must be a good reason, I just don't see it. I am raising this issue not out of the blue, but for the good reason that I have always been trying to limit the amount of spam that reaches my email account, but I still did not figure a way to avoid receiving these messages from Norton, short of cutting off all Update Announcements from Norton in any language, which I don't intend to do. If the trend sticks, I already vision my Inbox getting filled with flowery decorations such as messages in exotic character languages like Greek, Russian, Arabic... or worse!... 

A friend of mine calls this "official spam"... I can see his point but still refuse to go that far. I would be satisfied if Norton either finds a way of avoiding this indiscriminate dissemination of announcements in foreign languages in forums dedicated to one specific language OR provides the users who would rather not receive them a way to keep these messages away while still receiving the announcements in a language that is both provided by Norton and meets the user's preferences. As shown above, receiving 6 (six) different messages today alone (January 21, 2019) in one language that I can hardly identify, let alone understanding it, for much that one would like to be accommodating, it is very annoying, to say the least. If there is a way to avoid them without losing the ability to receive all other useful messages, by all means, please let me know!

Many thanks and




Re: Which languages can I use in the Norton Forums?


Only wished to edit but already too late, to add that the number of "spam" messages I received TODAY alone from Norton in this language just raised to 7 (seven!!!)… I have better things to do, including my job!... Please, have mercy!...


P.S. - Now reediting to add one more update (not sure if this will be the last one today, though): Still one more lovely message... in the same language, of course. It's know 8 (eight) and counting...  

P.P.S. - Yeah, it was not the last one. Just received one more. It's now 9 (nine) and counting...  

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Re: Which languages can I use in the Norton Forums?

I have asked for some official word for this thread, your other thread in Forum Feedback, and for a number of other threads. 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Which languages can I use in the Norton Forums?

Thanks, peterweb. I wonder which one is more disappointing - this ridiculous procedure from Symantec or their deafness/blindness to our help requests... They come across to me as quite unmoved by the "sufferings of the masses"...

Anyway, many thanks for your efforts



Re: Which languages can I use in the Norton Forums?

I have asked for some official word for this thread, your other thread in Forum Feedback, and for a number of other threads. 

...And, as I said, I do appreciate your efforts. Your efforts and your involvement (and probably of others' as well) are what makes the statements I made in my last post that more appropriate.

Now, here goes one more sample of my today's "exciting fresh news" when I open my email account:

  1. 22-Jan-2019 | 11:04PM: Yoshiko Blake ブレーク 義子 created iOS ノートン ID セーフ 6.2が公開されました
  2. ノートン製品ユーザーの皆様、いつもご利用いただきありがとうございます。
  3. ノートン モバイルセキュリティチームは iOS をご利用のお客様向けにノートンID セーフ 6.2 を公開しました。
  4. 注意 :  ご利用のお客様には、段階的にこのバージョンを公開しています。
  5. よく寄せられる質問 - よく寄せられる質問に対する回答を記載しています。
  6. このパッチのバージョン番号は何ですか?
  7. iOS版ノートンIDセーフのバージョンは 6.2.298 です。
  8. どうすればこの更新版を入手できますか。

Ain't this a beauty?...

They may even, if they felt like it, to be insulting me, for heavens' sake!

(I must add that this is the first one I received in what? Japanese, perhaps, or Chinese?)


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