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Norton Security 1.1 for iOS

Norton Mobile Security is going away and is apparently being replaced by Norton Security 1.1 for iOS. I've downloaded it to my iPad and iPhone but I'm not sure what all it does, nor am I having any luck finding anything online. Does anyone know anything about this new app?

Does it include some kind of rudimentary VPN?
What else does it do?



Re: Norton Security 1.1 for iOS

Hello sewing1243. Here is the official release post. This is the best information I can find on the new release that replaced the retired one. It appears it is focused mainly on WiFi protection. There are TWO distinct apps though. Norton Security for iOS and Norton Mobile Security for iOS (retired version), each have separate features from one another. Norton Security writeup here indicated in the customer reviews that a 'VPN' does not function very well. Evidently that is still a part of its functionality. Its also available for up to 6 family members under family sharing. Hope that helps a bit.


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Re: Norton Security 1.1 for iOS

As the links in SoulAslum's post note...the features of the new NSiOS are....

  • It will scan the network you are connected to for any known vulnerabilities.
  • It will identify unsafe web sites before you get to them  to warn you of possible problems. This is done with a pseudo VPN. It is not a true VPN in the sense that your data is not encrypted or routed through secure servers. It is just the way Norton is able to provide the service using the features on iOS devices. It shows a VPN icon in your notification area at the top of the screen when this feature is active.
  • It will notify you when there is an update available to the iOS version on your device.

There is no included VPN. 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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