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Norton FULL Scan Not Working

I have Norton Security Premium but the FULL scan has stopped working. However, the quick scan and live update are still working fine (up to date). Any help would be much appreciated!!  


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Re: Norton FULL Scan Not Working

Hi Mr Malcolm Roy Noakes:

Is this a custom Full System Scan you've scheduled to run at regular intervals (see the support article Schedule Norton Scans) or do you mean that manual Full System Scans that are started from the Scans window at Security | Scans are not working? Are you unable to launch these Full System Scans or do they start and then get stuck or fail part way through the scan?

If you are referring to a custom Full System Scan, please note that ever since Norton v22.7.1.32 was released in September 2017 I've had a problem where my monthly (custom) Full System Scan stops running on schedule after every product update.  After every product update I have to go to Settings | Antivirus | Scans and Risks | Full System Scan | Configure and edit the scan schedule (e.g., change the start time from 6 AM to 7 AM, or the start day from the 1st day of the month to the 2nd day of the month) and the scans will start again as scheduled.  See my 31-Mar-2019 post in mgirons' thread Automatic Background Tasks Not Working for further details and links to other threads discussing this bug.
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Re: Norton FULL Scan Not Working

Thanks for responding Imacri.

This was for the manual Full scan and has been happening for a week. However when I test it this morning it appears to be working normally. Wish I had waited one more day to raise this issue.

Once again thanks for taking the time to respond and sorry to have wasted your time!


Re: Norton FULL Scan Not Working


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