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Below are a list of the Frequently asked questions on the community. If you have questions that are not listed here, please post it to the Forum Feedback board.

  • How do I register?
    It’s easy to register! If you already have a Norton Account, you can use that information to login to the Norton Community. Visit our Registration Page and login with your Norton Account. If you don't have a Norton Account, you can create one on the Registration Page. You’ll receive a confirmation email to that address with a link to complete the registration. Click that link, and create a username for the community. Once that's done, your account is created and you're registered for the Norton Community.
  • How do I sign in?
    After you've registered and confirmed your registration, you can sign in and start participating. Visit the Norton Community main page and type your username and password in the User Login section.
  • I lost my password. How can I retrieve it?
    If you’ve forgotten or lost your password, visit our Registration Page and click Forgot your Password?. Follow the onscreen directions to reset your password.
  • How do I post a new message?
    Once you've registered for the community, you will be able to post a new message. You can do this by navigating to the board you wish to post your new message, and click the "Create New Post" button.
  • How do I reply?
    Replying to an existing forum thread is easy. Once you have registered for the community, you can scroll to the bottom of an existing thread, type your reply in the Comment section, then click Save. If you wish to reply to an earlier post in the thread, you can click the "reply" button shown below each post. Type your reply in the comment section and then click Save.
  • What does "ME TOO" mean?
    If you click ME TOO, you're saying that you're experiencing the same issues posted in a specific message. Sometimes a reply isn't entirely necessary or doesn't add any information to an issue. Sometimes new forum members are uncomfortable replying publicly to a post. The ME TOO button allows these members to add their information to a post. It also helps NortonLifeLock determine how many forum members are experiencing the issue, so we can properly prioritize an issue.
  • How do I indicate a post solved my issue?
    Only forum members who started a thread can mark a reply as the "solution". The Original Poster (OP) of a thread will see a "Mark As Solution" link below each reply in a thread. Clicking that link below the post that best solves the issue will mark that post as the Solution for the thread.
  • How can I be notified of new posts/replies to a thread?
    When viewing a thread, below the 1st post of the thread is a Subscribe link. Click that link to receive notifications of all updates to the thread. Additionally, by default any thread in which you participate will automatically subscribe you to the thread.

    You can disable this setting on your User Profile by clicking "Account" in the upper right corner, then "Edit". Scroll down to the "Notifications" setting, and uncheck "Automatically Subscribe to Topics".
  • How can I disable these notifications?
    When viewing a subscribed thread, below the 1st post of the thread is an Unsubscribe link. Click that link to stop receiving notifications of all updates to the thread. You can also disable notifications on your User Profile by clicking "Account" in the upper right corner, then "Subscriptions".
  • What is a Kudo, why should I give them, and how do I give them?
    A Kudo is a way for forum members to indicate that they like a specific post. By clicking "Add Kudos" in a post, you are communicating that you like the post. Whether you found it useful, helpful, insightful, or inspirational, clicking "Add Kudos" let's them know.
  • How do I add images to posts?
    When editing a post, you'll see a button of a mountain range in the text editor. That's the "image" button. Click that button for options on inserting an image into your post. You can upload an image from your computer/tablet/mobile device, or link to an image on the internet.
  • What is a Private Message, and how do I check if I have one?
    A Private Message is a correspondence with another forum member that is not visible publicly. This can be helpful when communicating with a NortonLifeLock Employee about sensitive information or complicated technical information. It can also be helpful when forum members wish to collaborate in helping other customers. Please keep in mind that the Terms of Service also apply to the Private Message system. We discourage anyone from giving out their personal information via the forums or Private Message. A NortonLifeLock Employee will NEVER ask for your Norton Account password.
  • How can I read a Private Message?
    When logged into the Norton Community, click the "Inbox" found in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Your private messages will be listed on the "Messages" tab. Click the subject of the message to read it.
  • How can I send a Private Message?
    When logged into the Norton Community, click the "Inbox" found in the upper right-hand corner of the page. On the far right of the page, click the link "Write New Message". Write the username of the recipient, a subject, and text for the message. Once finished, click "Send Message" at the bottom of the page. You can also send a Private Message from a member's profile. Click on the user's name to be taken to their profile. Next to their rank, click on the link "Send this user a Private Message". The username will already be filled out, just complete the rest of the message then click "Send Message".