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This forum thread needs a solution.

2 computers

Hey guys, bit of help required as I'm a newbie to norton! 

I have norton security on my old laptop and have just recently renewed the subscription automatically. I have also just bought a new laptop and would like norton installing on this one too.... How do I do it? And does the subscription that I have already paid for cover my new laptop? 

Thanks in advance 



Re: 2 computers

Hello MicCar, Welcome to the Norton Forum.

1. I like going through my Norton Account when I put Norton on another computer. On your old laptop: Open Norton GUI > More Norton > Manage > Manage My Protection > Download Norton > Install On Another Device. Then follow the instructions to install, send a Norton Download Link.

2. A faster way is to go to your Norton Account on your new computer and use the download link there.

Your Norton Account will tell you how many computers you can download to.

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Re: 2 computers

Hello MicCar

On the new laptop, please uninstall any security program that may have come with the new laptop. Please use the removal tool from the other company first, before you try installing your Norton product.


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