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2014 Premium 10 user to 2016 5 user

I currently run the 2014 10 user NS with backup, but never used the backup at all.  Can I just buy the key for the new 2016 NS Deluxe 5 user or do I need to get the whole new program?  On amazon, they offer both for way less than the renewal.  I have 2 days left.



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Re: 2014 Premium 10 user to 2016 5 user

hi Lori

You will need to download Norton Security Deluxe to replace your current product however, the install should deal with the uninstall of Norton Security with Back-up.

Once install just activate with your new key in the usual way.


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Re: 2014 Premium 10 user to 2016 5 user

Hello Lori

When you buy the product from Amazon and download it from Amazon, they want you to download  a special Amazon Downloader and it puts the Download where it wants to put it. You can just get the key and use this link to get the latest version. www.norton.com/lastestns   You don't need the Amazon Downloader. You can use my link and put the download on your desktop and do it that way.

Yes, it usually is cheaper to get a new copy of the program than to renew through Norton. Norton can not undercut their retail suppliers of the products. This all has to do with Marketing. Don't forget to enter the new key and run Live Update after you install it.


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