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2014 Toolbar Issues

I've read many complaints about various parts of the 2014 toolbar.  I'd like to add mine.  I prefer to have Safe Web on and the rest of the toolbar -- Indentity Safe, Safe Search, Share -- turned off.  It used to be a simple matter of clicking "Norton" and disabling the parts I did not want to use.  Now it appears I have to create a vault just to access the toolbar settings...and it also appears that the option to enable/disable Safe Search has been removed.  I DO NOT want to use the vault, I DO NOT want to use Safe Share and I DO NOT want to use Safe Search.

It looks like the Safe Search option was in the beta, but was removed for the release version.  Why?  And why put the settings in Identity Safe, when that is one of the options that can be turned off?


Win7-64, Firefox 24, Norton Toolbar 2014.5.1.6



Re: 2014 Toolbar Issues

I am not sure exactly what new functionality has been added if any - but they have really screwed up the user interface in the 2014 version of Identity Safe. It looks really amaturish and the Norton toolbar lacks the obvious options to hide or disable those parts we don't want to use. The continual nag when opening the Identity Safe vault to convert to the cloud is particularly annoying. It definately should have a don't show this again option.

I would go even further and say we should be able to run the tool bar in the background and then be able to export any required option on to the generic browser toolbar. Every company seems to want to install their own toolbar. It's crazy because we could end up with a screen full of half populated tool bars each with perhaps only a single useful (to the user) function out of many.


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