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Kudos0 - Disk Optimization setting

Update received and after reboot the Norton icon in the task tray was red ticked as Norton required my attention to running Disk Optimization which I had disabled in v22.5.0.124 and remained disabled in the Update.  I rebooted  switched off my machine in the hope this would fix it but it didn’t help. I had to let Norton run Disk Optimization to get back the green ticked icon in the task tray.
So, how much does my setting matter?
Note however that this time Disk Optimization took only a couple of minutes, while in the past, when the task was still checked,  it lasted longer (15-20 minutes?).

Windows 7 HP SP1 32-bit | Chrome 65.0.3325.146 | NS



Re: - Disk Optimization setting

Possible failed installation, you know the procedure, NRnR etc....

I have only updated my XP SP3 pc, for the moment, all settings were preserved, no red X.

In Settings, Tasks scheduling, I have everything disabled, before & after the upgrade... it remained that way after updating...

Also, in Admin Settings I have Disk Optimization set to OFF.


Accepted Solution

Re: - Disk Optimization setting

Hi Apostolos,

Thanks for replying.

As I said, Disk Optimization was disabled but that was in Settings > Task Scheduling.  After posting here I went through my various settings and noticed that Idle Time Optimizer in Administrative settings was instead On. Probably that’s why there was that  ~2 min optimization I mentioned in my op. I then disabled it as well and will see what happens with the next product update.

Best regards

Windows 7 HP SP1 32-bit | Chrome 65.0.3325.146 | NS

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