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3 problems with Backup feature of Norton Security

Using Norton Security with Backup the past few months I discovered three minor problems:

1. Default settings: Norton assumes that user files are in the default folder under 'C:\users\user_name' and won't detect where the actual default location %userprofile% is. In my case, I have moved my home directory to a second (D:) drive. Norton makes it difficult for a beginner to easily configure the correct settings to back up files, especially when the %userprofile% folder has been moved. The interface should just preview the folder directory in a similar way Windows Explorer does on the left pane, enabling the user to select or deselect directories.

2. Folder naming: The folder created on the external media (backup save location) still has the name 'N360_BACKUP' although the program is now called 'NS with Backup'.

3. Excessive fragmentation: From the first run of the backup program, my external drive (which was completely blank) was extremely fragmented. Although this won't directly affect PC performance, I suspect the amount of fragmentation will trigger Norton's 'Optimize Disk' utility making it run the defragmenter for hours wearing the disk without an actual (or non-preventable) reason. I haven't actually seen this, because I have disabled 'disk optimization' since my primary disk is an SSD.



Re: 3 problems with Backup feature of Norton Security

Hi tzon89.

Trying to respond to your 3 points...

  1. Norton have provided a default set for users.  Sadly Microsoft have moved the target and so as I see it Norton either have to amend and complicate their "simple" backup facility to allow for different operating systems and different user approaches.  Personally I disable all the file type selections and just select the folders that I know contain the data I want backed up.  That is fairly simple for me and seems to work. 
  2. Again Norton have been caught by changes of names where they are trying to make things simple and consistent.  Users may have used N360 to make some backups and NSBU to make others.  So that the recovery software knows where to look they have chosen to put it all in one folder, which only the Norton Software can access (the files are encrypted).  So they could have chosen to call the folder anything (3x#5Pjy72 - for instance), but users would then say... what is this strange folder?.  So they had chosen the name N360_BACKUP, but now they can't change it or the older software will not recognise the contents....  There could have been several ways around it but Norton probably thought...does it matter...  And that is pretty much my view.  Does it cause you a problem?
  3. Defraging used to be a great pastime for computer buffs but these days it seems less of an issue and so many people turn the feature off, certainly for a backup drive.  What you appear to be seeing surprises me but again it would not worry me.  And as far as I can see it does not seem to be worrying you greatly.  Let me know if I am wrong.

Did that help?


Re: 3 problems with Backup feature of Norton Security

Hi Andmike,

Thanks for responding to my posts!

1. I disagree with your first claim, I think Norton has made a complicated backup utility. In my opinion there should just be a directory tree, plain and simple, and the user should just decide which libraries or directories to backup. Just like that:

>user_name (check box, full-filled or half filled depending on options bellow)

>> Documents (check box)

>>> Subfolders (check box) (expanding on demand)

>> Pictures (check box)

>> Music (check box)

>> Videos (check box)

>> Other folders (check box) etc.

2. The naming of the folder doesn't matter. I just noticed it. Apparently nothing has changed to the backup utility from N360.

3. My point here is that this way Norton is conflicting it self: By default the backup module will cause excessive fragmentation on the backup drive and by default the optimization module will struggle to get rid of it wasting system resources for hours and eventually degrading the disk. I understand that a fragmented backup drive won't affect the PC's performance, but I guess 90% of users who will leave the settings to default are not aware of the the background nonsense taking place...

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