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30 day trial? What 30 day trial?

I downloaded Norton Antivirus 9 July. Today, the graphic on the display says "11 days to go". I wasn't aware it was usual practise to count off two days for one...tho the last "30 day free trial" I downloaded did the same thing. Evidently somebody at Norton doesn't know how to count.



Re: 30 day trial? What 30 day trial?

Hello kelly

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

Please try Help>Subscription Status. I know you don't have a subscription, but maybe that will synch with the Norton Servers and correct the countdown. Please do also check the system time, day, location and time zone.

You may also want to check with customer support as they are the ones who handle subscriptions, activations etc. They may not be available 24/7 depending on where you are located.

.Please contact the free chat program by using this link.


Please come back and let us know how you made out.


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