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64 bit advantage?

So Norton 22.9 is the first Norton released with native 64 bit support, despite 64 bit CPUs being available to consumers for over a decade.  I'm curious as to why Norton waited so long to release a native 64 bit version, and also what advantage there is if any to running full native 64 bit vs hybrid 64/32 bit.

I know that there are added benefits to using 64 bit hardware and software when it comes to security, but I'm curious as to how this translates over to antivirus software.


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Re: 64 bit advantage?


Here is some info re 64 bit operation.

"This is not a new feature to the Norton product, but an architectural change to the product. In previous versions, only drivers and select extensions were provided as native 64-bit binaries. In this release we have enabled the entire product to run natively as 64-bit. This will set us up for future improvements in performance, protection, and stability."

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Re: 64 bit advantage?

Cool thanks man. 

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