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This forum thread needs a solution.

64 bit support on Mozilla Firefox

Dear Norton Security Product Enginerring department

As you know, Mozilla is planning to optimize their web browser for 64 bit as quickly as possible in order to stay competitive with Google Chrome and to meet my standards as more computers are now using x64 based operating systems. You also have to understand that not supporting 64 bit could lead to lost customers which could lead to your employees being laid off like what happened with Sears.

64 bit support should be mandatory on Mozilla Firefox by spring 2015 once Firefox 37 comes out, can you please make sure that your security software is supposed to work on Firefox 37 64 bit as well as Microsoft office 64 bit as quickly as possible. I'm hoping you start producing x64 based Norton Software immediately as I already declared that 64 bit transition will be in force by November 1st 2014 at 12am EDT on all of our desktop and laptop computers since 2008. Same thing goes with everything we do these days.

I had sent everybody a 6 year notice since 2009 to either support 64 bit applications or lose us because by 2015, I will only be supporting x64 based Operating Systems and Web browsers.

Please support x64 based versions of Mozilla Firefox once Firefox 37 comes out as soon as possible, I hope you understand.