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This forum thread needs a solution.

64 bit version

wwhen will a 64bit version of this product be availble for all us 64 bit users, the 32bit version of Norton will not be able to use the full capablilities of our machines.



Re: 64 bit version

I realize this is old information, but the logic still stands.

In July 2012, Symantec employee PieterV provided the following useful information regarding the 64bit issue:

We only create x64 binaries where required, for the remainder we use x86 binaries.

There is no benefit to using x64 binaries when x86 binaries work equally well. The only applications that benefit from x64 are applications with more than 3GB memory utilization requirements, and our apps do not fall in that category.

On x86 systems we must have x86 drivers, and on x64 systems we must have x64 drivers.
As such, we always create two sets of drivers, x86 and x64, and the installer carries both sets.

It is a Windows Logo requirement to have the same installer for x86 and x64 systems.
If we were to double all binaries, it would double the size of the installer.

For our plugin DLL's to be loaded by x86 processes, we must have x86 DLL's, to be loaded by x64 processes, we must have x64 DLL's. If we were to create x64 binaries for x64 systems, we would still have to create x86 DLL’s on the x64 systems in order to interact with x86 processes.
As such, we create x64 DLL's only when required, and currently only required for Explorer shell extensions.

We do not currently support x64 versions of Outlook, IE, Chrome, or Firefox. As the demand for the x64 versions of these applications become significant, we will add support.

Every binary we produce must be tested, and every permutation of binaries must be tested. If we produce a x86 version and a x64 version of the same binary, it doubles the testing effort, with no functional benefit, and no benefit to the end customer.


Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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