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Accessing Websites in Vault without permission

I have logins saved in my vault and have just noticed that Norton is accessing these websites without me even going to them on a newly installed computer!

- Fresh install

- Installed Norton Internet Security

- Logged into Vault

- Monitor outbound traffic

ncolow.exe is accessing the sites in my Vault and I haven't gone to them on this computer!


Can I turn this off?

Is Norton Logging in my sites without my authority?

Is Norton just checking to see if these sites still exist?


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Re: Accessing Websites in Vault without permission

How are you monitoring your network traffic to determine that ncolow.exe is accessing the sites in your vault?

As you have just installed things, it could just be going through the sites to update the little icons that show beside the log ins list in the ID Safe. Restart your computer tonight and see if you still see the activity tomorrow.

It would not be logging you into any of these sites.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
Accepted Solution

Re: Accessing Websites in Vault without permission


Not the solution, but made me look. FIOS DNS was redirecting my traffic! I think many apps were trying to update their icons and FIOS was sending me to a bad site (Malwarebytes detected access - yes I love and use Norton too!)

So I switched to https://dns.norton.com/configureRouter.html Norton's ConnectSafe DNS in the Router's Broadband Connection (Ethernet/Coax) Properties. and did an ipconfig /flushdns and POOF! all fixed.  I could ping the correct websites.

Thanks for the quick reply.  (And my computers are family friendly!) :O

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