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Adding Network-Attached Storage (NAS) to scan exclusion list?

I have a WD My Cloud.Windows 7 64bit.Up to date Norton Security.

I went to Settings, Antivirus, Scans and Risks tab, Items to exclude from scans, Configure, Add folders, browse buttons, selected the folder in my WD My Cloud NAS.When I clicked OK it returned an error "You have entered an invalid path".I also tried replacing the NAS hostname with it's IP (\\\victor) but had the same result.I'll attach 2 images to visually describe the problem.

The NAS will be attached to my network at all times, and my PC will be attached to it constantly and I'll be transferring lots of files to and from it.I have some gaming related and other 3rd party small programs written by amateurs that are not currently in Norton's "known good" database so Norton constantly removes things like those by thinking they are malicious.Norton Security is configured to scan attached storages.I want to keep it that way so it will scan USB flash drives and USB hard drives.Can I add the NAS to exclusion list somehow ?

If not, please consider this as a feature request.Thank you !

EDIT: This also happens when I add the NAS to exclusion list under "Items to exclude form Auto-Protect, SONAR and Download Intelligence Detection".

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Re: Adding Network-Attached Storage (NAS) to scan exclusion list?

I don't think it supports UNC path's.  (\\server\share)

Does it not have a drive letter?


edit- There is also an option to exclude network drives if you want to exclude the whole thing.  (This system I'm on has NIS so I couldn't tell you where it is in NS).  But keep in mind that excluding the entire drive is not too big of a deal because everything on that drive has to "pass through" your main system and therefore will be scanned.


Re: Adding Network-Attached Storage (NAS) to scan exclusion list?

It does not have a drive letter.It appears under "My Computer", under "Network Locations" sub-section.It has the name of the NAS (WDMYCLOUD_victor).

I was not able to find an option to exclude NAS from scan, but I think I overlooked something.When you mentioned "because everything on that drive has to pass through your main system and therefore will be scanned" I think that is why my programs were deleted.I was worried that Norton would ocasionally open NAS and scan its content and delete those programs that were transferred to NAS from other computers on the network(and others' Norton would delete files transferred by me).It appears that's not the case.I right clicked on the NAS's folder under My Computer and ran a manual scan.The scan was successfully finished after 2 seconds and only 3 files were scanned(out of thousands).I think Norton Security doesn't "see" the NAS and its content.I also initiated a full system scan and the NAS was not scanned and the experimental EICAR file on its root folder was not removed.It got removed from my local PC when I transferred it from NAS , but the file on NAS was not removed.

Everything works great now,at least for me.Thank you.

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