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Additional logins - toolbar no longer appears

   I use identity safe login credentials for my bank account.  I use a different login and password for a different bank account at the same bank website. Earlier the Identity Safe toolbar asked me if I wanted to save the second set of login credentials. I said no and don't ask again.

   I now want to add a second set of login credentials at the same bank website, but the Norton Identity Safe toolbar no longer appears for this bank website. How can I reverse my decision so that the toolbar will appear again and allow me to ask Identity Safe to remember the second set of login credentials?  Thanks!


Accepted Solution
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Re: Additional logins - toolbar no longer appears

Hi Patrick55, 

Sounds like you might be accidentally ‘told’ IDSafe to ignore this page.

To restore your infobar, just open the Vault toolbar menu at your site 

-  note the 'Current site' section at the top & click 'Options'

-  select 'show the infobar...' & refresh (if it's needed).


You'll see the info bar again with all your multiple logins.


Best regards,



Re: Additional logins - toolbar no longer appears

Worked great,,,thanks!

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