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Additional Storage Backup not added to account

I received a notification that my online backup space available was getting low. I accessed my account and clicked on the "Buy More Storage" button and purchased an additional 10GB of storage on Feb. 19th. I received a confirmation email and my credit card was charged for the transaction. Included in the confirmation email were the instructions below:

Norton™ Premium Backup Storage Add-on for 10GB

You must download and install Norton™ Premium Backup Storage Add-on for 10GB on each device that you want protected. Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Download your Norton product by clicking on the "Get Started" button or go to norton.com/setup
  2. Follow the instructions to install your Norton product on your PC

Your subscription is active and will expire on February 20, 2018

When I click on the "Get Started" button, it takes me to a webpage to download Norton Security. I tried downloading Norton Security but I get a message that an active version is already installed on my computer. I uninstalled Norton Security from my computer and downloaded it using the link in the email. The email did not include a new product key so I used the one I already had for my Security software since I still have another year on the subscription.

When I access my Norton account, I still have the same amount of backup storage available as I did before I bought the additional 10GB.

Did I misunderstand that the additional 10GB of storage would get added to the amount I already had? 

Is there another method of adding the 10GB of storage?

Should I have received a new product key in the storage confirmation email to activate the additional storage?