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This forum thread needs a solution.

after upgrade to windows 10

Recently I upgraded my computer to Win 10 (I had Win 8 originally). After that I only have Windows Defender. Norton Antivirus has disappeared from Apps list.

I thought of reinstalling the application. I got an icon on desktop and one in "Start" menu. However Norton Antivirus doesn't launch at startup. A double-click on any icon doesn't launch the application neither. Though I had previously (in Win8) activated my Antivirus program I expected a new activation request after a reinstall. I didn't got to that step neither.

Disabling Windows Defender doesn't help.

What should I do now?


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Re: after upgrade to windows 10

Hi, WaterResistent. Windows 10 needs to be completely shut down for Norton to correctly operate.


Also disable Fast Start Up, as this can also cause problems.


If this doesn't restore Norton, you can re-download it from your Norton Account.


Don't forget to run Live Update until no more are found, and then reboot again.

Let us know how you go.

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Re: after upgrade to windows 10


You may want to look at this KB if none of the things that F 4E suggested. Please take a look at this.

v64233471     I wouldn't do step 2 of this KB It recommends the use of the Norton Power Eraser. I don't like to recommend it since it is a very aggressive tool.


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Re: after upgrade to windows 10

Disabling Windows Defender doesn't help.

Disable Windows Defender (Windows Defender) via Group Policy:
Run gpedit.msc, - config computer - Administrative Templates - Windows Components - Windows Defender (or Endpoint Protection and Windows Defender) - right in the list, select "Disable Windows Defender" and translate it to "Enabled". OK.


Re: after upgrade to windows 10

Try to reinstall your Norton product by first removing it through Norton removal tool/removal reinstall tool. I guess Norton files during Windows upgrade might have got tampered. Do remember to first keep your product key handy. If Norton successfully installs then it will disable windows defender automatically without any group policy editing.


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